Currency Image Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

0.014320 BTC (0.04%)
currency icon 487.0600 USD (3.80%)
Market Cap
currency icon 9,139,202,957.0000 USD
Volume (24h)
currency icon 3,642,509,586.0000 USD
Circulating Supply
18,772,100 BCH
Max Supply
21,000,000 BCH

Bitcoin Cash Market Pairs

Exchange messages.Pair Volume (24h) Price
HUOBI_GLOBAL BCH/USDT USD 241,740,341.15805557 BCH 691.33485254
BITHUMB BCH/KRW USD 60,531,398.78458275 BCH 677.58448217
KRAKEN BCH/USD USD 10,299,765.14221133 BCH 690.95000000
BINANCE BCH/USDT USD 1,426,008.85494666 BCH 480.37905284
COINBASE BCH/USD USD 1,063,162.80344880 BCH 920.52000000
KUCOIN BCH/USDT USD 80,273.11289102 BCH 253.43269007

What is Bitcoin Cash?

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Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that aims to become sound global money with fast payments, micro fees, privacy, and high transaction capacity (big blocks). In the same way that physical money, such as a dollar bill, is handed directly to the person being paid, Bitcoin Cash payments are sent directly from one person to another.

As a permissionless, decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash requires no trusted third parties and no central bank. Unlike traditional fiat money, Bitcoin Cash does not depend on monetary middlemen such as banks and payment processors. Transactions cannot be censored by governments or other centralized corporations. Similarly, funds cannot be seized or frozen — because financial third parties have no control over the Bitcoin Cash network.

Historical data for Bitcoin Cash

Date Open* Close* High Low Volume
23 Jun, 2021 447.3640 472.7981 485.7047 429.3024 125250.001
22 Jun, 2021 456.0755 447.8161 475.6626 388.2539 125411.001
21 Jun, 2021 556.9333 456.0755 558.1862 455.5929 125150.001
20 Jun, 2021 551.6738 556.7847 560.5939 514.9879 152595.001
19 Jun, 2021 561.8787 551.6738 581.1482 551.6738 126815.001
18 Jun, 2021 598.7381 561.7668 599.3277 545.3934 125411.001
17 Jun, 2021 592.8374 598.7381 620.6459 585.3075 152595.001
16 Jun, 2021 622.4659 592.8374 628.5595 590.3526 152056.001
15 Jun, 2021 643.6472 627.3097 649.3481 616.7360 125250.001
14 Jun, 2021 619.2626 641.7604 641.7604 599.5519 152056.001
13 Jun, 2021 582.4449 614.3972 615.0322 559.8420 102564.001
12 Jun, 2021 576.2408 582.4449 590.8533 548.7442 1022520.001
11 Jun, 2021 600.8421 576.2408 610.6324 570.4972 152056.001
10 Jun, 2021 631.4500 600.8421 637.2262 590.0765 102564.001
09 Jun, 2021 595.3836 631.4500 633.7203 566.8712 126815.001
08 Jun, 2021 593.8217 595.3836 604.7900 546.8685 125411.001
07 Jun, 2021 657.5187 597.3808 669.4869 591.8001 125411.001
06 Jun, 2021 648.0560 657.5187 669.9166 646.1182 112451.001
05 Jun, 2021 668.3974 649.4665 688.2352 636.4306 125150.001
04 Jun, 2021 717.7733 668.3974 719.8598 645.8918 112451.001
03 Jun, 2021 698.3035 717.7733 735.4016 688.7672 152056.001
02 Jun, 2021 689.7591 697.6211 715.1889 675.5855 125150.001
01 Jun, 2021 708.2687 691.8890 720.2944 670.5172 112451.001
31 May, 2021 657.8109 702.7946 710.4602 636.5127 125150.001
30 May, 2021 651.9123 657.8109 686.3537 618.7064 126815.001
29 May, 2021 691.8302 651.9123 720.2049 620.5095 125250.001
28 May, 2021 741.8837 693.2986 760.5614 654.3339 115544.001
27 May, 2021 762.2680 741.8837 801.9496 702.5575 115544.001
26 May, 2021 720.3308 764.4136 788.6383 710.0131 152056.001
25 May, 2021 751.7706 717.5142 792.1367 673.9266 125454.001
24 May, 2021 553.8823 751.7706 757.0661 539.9798 1022520.001

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It's a permission less, decentralized cryptocurrency that requires no trusted third parties and no central bank.

Is Bitcoin Cash different from ‘Bitcoin’?

In 2017, the Bitcoin project and its community split in two. Perhaps the least controversial way to refer to each side is simply by their respective ticker symbols, BTC and BCH. Bitcoin Cash is usually represented by the BCH ticker symbol and is considered by its supporters to be the legitimate continuation of the Bitcoin project as peer-to-peer digital cash.

Why Use Bitcoin Cash?

Send Money Anywhere In the World, Almost for Free

Be Your Own Bank and Have Full Control over Your Money

A Scarce Digital Currency with a Known Fixed Supply

Increase Your Privacy and Operate Anonymously

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts

Support Freedom Worldwide

June 23, 2021

New Bank of America Report Says Digital Currencies 'Could Boost Economic Growth' in Developing Countries

A new Bank of America (BOA) research study has found that both central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and private digital currencies hold “a lot of potentials” for increasing financial inclusion in developing countries. In the report, the bank also argues that such “digital currencies could reduce transaction costs and allow more economic activities in emerging market economies.”Digital Currencies and Financial InclusionStill, the study findings show that while digital currencies are likely to “boost economic growth” in developing countries, their adoption will carry some risk. In addition, the study also finds that the rise of digital currencies “could lead to inflation and dollarization.”Meanwhile, a separate report quotes David Hauner, the BOA’s head of emerging market cross-asset strategy and economics for EMEA, explaining why digital currencies could be pivotal in emerging market countries where more than 50% of adults lack a bank account.“Digital currencies have the potential to address many practical constraints on financial services in poor countries,” said Hauner.The report also lists the reduction of cross-border payment costs as well as the reduction of corruption and other illegal activities as some of the constraints that can be addressed by digital currencies.Risks to Physical CurrencyThe BOA research study found that the rise of digital currencies could potentially “undermine a country’s physical currency,” however. Expanding on these findings, Hauner stated:Easier access to alternative digital currencies is also likely to increase the volatility of the domestic money supply and the exchange rate. Easier access to alternatives also raises the risks of rapid shifts of liquidity out of (or into) the currency and the banks which can magnify macro volatility in already less stable countries. Higher macro volatility would then reduce the effectiveness of policies and undermine the long-term rate of growth.Despite these risks, Hauner suggests that more central banks are “likely to issue a general purpose CBDC in the next three years.” As previously reported by News, several countries — including a few in Africa — are currently at different stages of developing or piloting their digital currencies. Several more countries are likely to join the race as more studies show that digital currency benefits outweigh the risks. 
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June 22, 2021

Crypto is the most dangerous investment, Bank of Russia governor says

The Bank of Russia proceeds with its extreme position on cryptographic money exchanging regardless of developing worries over the nation passing up the computerized resource industry.The legislative head of Russia's national bank, Elvira Nabiullina, repeated the bank's negative position on crypto in a Monday meeting with Komsomolskaya Pravda, contending that crypto is perhaps the most perilous speculations that right now exist.Nabiullina referenced crypto inside the setting of other high-hazard venture spaces like unfamiliar trade markets. "It's far simpler to lose on the unfamiliar trade market than to win," she said, expressing that "theoretical crypto resources" are considerably more dangerous.The bank lead representative said that costs in the digital currency market are incredibly unstable, expressing that "misfortunes can be huge." She further focused on that the Bank of Russia doesn't prescribe crypto speculations to people in general:The national bank never offers speculation guidance, however, in this specific case, the bank unquestionably doesn't suggest it."Nabiullina has recently expressed that digital currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are "phony cash" and ought not to be utilized for repayments in Russia. Back in 2017, she alluded to the developing worldwide fame of crypto as a "dash for unheard of wealth."Related: Bank of Russia to begin computerized ruble preliminaries in 2022Regardless of being distrustful about crypto, Nabiullina is hopeful about the computerized ruble, the Bank of Russia's national bank advanced money project. She said last year that a computerized ruble would help organizations by removing monetary mediators.There has been developing analysis of the Bank of Russia's position on crypto, with one State Duma part blaming the national bank for being silly on the business. Russian modern head honcho Oleg Deripaska impacted the national bank last week for its aversion to perceiving digital currencies.
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Bitcoin Cash Price

  • Bitcoin Cash Price currency icon 487.0600 USD
  • 24 Hour High / Low currency icon 496.6100 USD /
    currency icon 455.7000 USD
  • 24 Hour Volume currency icon 3,642,509,586.0000 USD
  • Market Cap currency icon 9,139,202,957.0000 USD
  • Market Cap Rank #11
  • Market Cap Dominance 0.6342%
  • Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash Ratio 1 BTC = 69.8826 BCH
  • 7 Day High / Low currency icon 612.1080 USD /
    currency icon 388.2540 USD
  • 30 Day High / Low currency icon 801.9500 USD /
    currency icon 388.2540 USD
  • 90 Day High / Low currency icon 1,634.0300 USD /
    currency icon 388.2540 USD
  • 52 Week High / Low currency icon 1,634.0300 USD /
    currency icon 203.8690 USD
  • All Time High currency icon 4,121.3300 USD
  • All Time Low currency icon 74.0621 USD
  • Bitcoin Cash ROI 15 %
  • Trading Volume currency icon 9,139,202,957.0000
  • Circulating Supply 18,772,100 BCH
  • Total Supply 18,772,100 BCH
  • Max Supply 21,000,000 BCH

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency, with time it gained huge popularity and with more and more daily transactions, it was getting difficult to manage the daily transactions. To address this among with few other challenges, Bitcoin Cash was introduced. So Bitcoin cash is an extended version of Bitcoin only, bitcoin cash block is eight times bigger than blockchain thus making the exchange and transfers quickly and effectively. The transfer fees of Bitcoin cash is also lower than compared to bitcoins.

Bitcoin Cash (BTC) was introduced as it was faster, cheaper and more scalable than bitcoins. In 2018 the bitcoin was further split into two parts: Bitcoin Cash ABC (adjustable blocksize cap)and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision). Fundamentally, both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin cash SV use the same consensus . Bitcoin Cash ABC follows the full node implementation of bitcoin cash, thus has more support of investor, thus it is called Bitcoin Cash. What Bitcoin Cash does is fastens the process of transactions by increasing the size of the block which is on average 8MB to 32MB which was 1MB in Bitcoin, hence enabling the processing of even more transactions per block.

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