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Feb 15,2024

Celebrating 6 Years of Progress and Growth: Celebrating The 6th Anniversary of WhiteBitcoin (WBTC)

Dear WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Investor & Dev Community.

It is with great enthusiasm that we reveal the momentous event of WhiteBitcoin's (WBTC) 6th anniversary, which will be followed by a decade of remarkable growth. Our investors’ unwavering support, trust, and belief in us have played a crucial role in our success achieving exceptional milestones.

As we commemorate this milestone, we are excited to unveil a series of groundbreaking announcements for the upcoming years: It is not just about the road map but about all the announcements and also the things coming up in the next 20 years.

Q1 2024: VIP Wallet Upgrade:-

Get ready for the ultimate VIP Wallet - BTC, WBTC & WEB3 experience! The updated version is scheduled to be released on the anniversary of the White Bitcoin (WBTC) and is loaded with many new features. Stay tuned for the Google Play Store release.

Q2 2024: Web3 Wallet Launch:-

In Q2 2024, We will launch the Web3 version of the VIP Wallet Mobile App & Web Based App, which will allow our users to utilize all the features of the VIP Wallet on both the app and the website. A user-friendly experience awaits!

Q4 2024: Advance Blockchain App Launch, Future & Option Contract Launch in BELPAY.IO EXCHANGE & 1 Other Exchange:-

Anticipate a game-changing moment! The introduction of an Advanced Blockchain will ease the pressure on Bitcoin transactions and encourage WBTC to be transferred on decentralized exchanges and open up unlimited prospects, WhiteBitcoin Dev Team is Start Future & Option Contract in two Exchanges.

Q1 2025 - Q4 2026: NFT Platform on Advance Blockchain:-

Begin the NFT journey! We will implement a new NFT platform on the Advanced Blockchain, opening new opportunities and experiences for the WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Community.

Q2 2026: 2nd Mining Halving:-

Witness another milestone when we do the Mining Halving on WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) that will push us to higher levels bringing crypto to another stage of evolution.

Q4 2026: Mining Code Public:-

The year will end with the long-awaited Mining Code is publicly launching, enabling more Mining Partner for further participation.

Q1 2027: VIP Wallet - Block Matching Affiliate Program Close & Staking Program Continue till 2038 With Reward Halving Process:-

Try the development of the VIP Wallet as we are winding down the Block Matching Affiliate Program and keeping the Staking Program until 2038. All affiliates can release hold WBTC 7% Monthly and intriguing rewards are ahead.

Q2 2027: WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Being on Multiple Exchanges:-

In Q2 2027, WBTC will be listed on different new global exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Polonex, Bitmex, ByBit,,,, Advance Blockchain and many more.

Q1 2028: Public All-Type Development Code:-

Discover the future with the release of public development codes.

Q2 2030: 3rd Mining Halving:-

Continue the journey of the 3rd Mining Halving which strengthens WBTC's place in the crypto world.

Q2 2034: 4th Mining Halving:-

We celebrate another milestone, the 4th Mining Halving, as evidence of our dedication to long term prosperity.

Q2 2038: Last Mining Halving:-

The journey ends with the final halving, where WBTC will be used to settle the transaction fees of BTC, BCH, BTG, BSV, and NFT by the Advanced Blockchain.

As we keep going, we are committed to future-proofing White Bitcoin (WBTC) by adopting Web3 metaverse technology and being ready for growth and new coin distributions in years ahead.

Buckle up, White Bitcoin (WBTC) family, we set for an astounding journey to break new grounds and reshape crypto through innovative technology and thrilling updates in the VIP Wallet. Buckle up for a ride you’ll never forget!

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