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Apr 17,2023 0 Comments

Bull Run Predicted To Continue For Bitcoin And Ethereum

After this week's much-anticipated Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade, the price of ETH surged beyond $2,000 for the first time since May 2022. Although Bitcoin (BTC) has increased by about 120 percent this year, it has also been constant around the $30,000 barrier. While ETH managed to stay above the mark early on Monday morning. In the upcoming days, it seems like the two coins may be able to maintain their bull run, giving other crypto coin prices some much-needed traction. 

Readers should be aware that the entire cryptocurrency market and coin prices are very erratic before continuing. There are no surefire ways to predict how cryptocurrencies will act in the future. The goal of this post is to assist investors in staying informed about the current market conditions, the most significant recent events, as well as some noteworthy upcoming developments. Before making any decisions, investors are encouraged to conduct their own research. 

Prices Of Crypto Over The Last Week

The total value of the cryptocurrency market was $1.18 trillion as of last Monday, April 10. Ethereum (ETH) was trading at roughly $1,865 while Bitcoin (BTC) was trading around $28,240. 

According to CoinMarketCap data, a week later the total market cap managed to reach $1.27 trillion. The prices of BTC and ETH were able to surpass $30,000 and $2,000, respectively, triggering a bullish trend for most crypto coins. 

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$4.05 billion, or 9.91 percent of the 24-hour market volume, is DeFi's total volume. Stablecoins currently account for $36.18 billion in total volume, or 88.54 percent of the total 24-hour market volume.

At the time of writing, BTC held a 45.70 percent market share.

Bitcoin's price rose steadily during the last week, reaching a peak of $30,952.68 on April 14 and a low of $28,212.46 on April 10. 

Ethereum, on the other hand, had evidence of a streak as well, with a high of $2,136.12 (April 17) and a low of $1,849.48 (April 10). 

Crypto Events To Note

In contrast to last week's Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade, there are no significant cryptocurrency events planned for the upcoming week. 

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