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Dec 19,2022

Top Trending Crypto on Binance, BNB Ousts Bitcoin on Second Position

BNB is the most popular crypto on Binance crypto exchange, followed by Bitcoin.

The popular token, HOOK, ranked fourth in the "Crypto Trending on Binance" list.

HOOK has a market capitalization of 214 on CryptoRank but has an overall increase of 5.1% in its market price.

The leading crypto exchange, Binance flagship, BNB is the most popular cryptocurrency on Binance search platform, while the most popular crypto in the market, Bitcoin is in second place on the list.

A recent data from Crypto Differ has revealed a list of the top 15 coins by search terms on Binance. But what is even more surprising is the "little known" brand, HOOK, which is in fourth place with a 5.1% increase in its market value. Note that HOOK has a market capitalization rank of 214 on CryptoRank.

HOOK popularity is highest on the Binance exchange as only 8% of its volume comes from other exchanges while the rest comes from Binance.

As for BNB, the coin receives only 31% of Binance volume while the remaining 69% comes from other crypto exchanges. The local token has seen a decrease of 5.1% in the last 24 hours.

The third and fourth positions on the list are Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE)
, respectively.

Also, another crypto that does not like to make the list is a crypto wallet, SafePal brand, SFP, which has a market capitalization of 166. On Binance, SFP ranked 12th with 1.8 % of the highest price change over 24 hours.

A significant decrease in BNB, however, may cause fear among crypto investors. After the collapse of FTX, panic started to circulate around Binance as it suddenly announced to stop withdrawing $USDC.

However, President Changpeng Zhao later clarified that it was not the water crisis but banking issues that caused the withdrawal. Dismissing the comparison to FTX, Zhao also said that Binance has strong liquidity and no problems.

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