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Nov 04,2021

Burger King Giving Away Bitcoin Ether Dogecoin in Partnership With Robinhood

Burger King is parting with 20 bitcoin, 200 ether, and 2,000,000 dogecoin this month in organization with exchanging stage Robinhood. "Every participant might get up to 21 Prize Codes" that can be recovered for digital forms of money on Robinhood.

'Burger King With a Side of Crypto'

Drive-thru eatery chain Burger King has reported "Burger King with a side of crypto," its freshest proposal for Royal Perks individuals.

To be qualified to take an interest, clients must "make a base $5.00 pre-charge Burger King ('BK') food as well as drink buy" either online at, utilizing the BK application, or at partaking BK cafés, the organization clarified, adding:

The prize pool incorporates 2,000,000 dogecoin, 200 ethereum and 20 bitcoin, so just 220 visitors could get a bitcoin or ethereum digital currency prize.

"There will be 2,000,220 Prize Codes accessible as of the beginning of the advancement," Burger King further definite. Members should be Royal Perks individuals, for which join is free.

As indicated by the organization's gauges, the "chances of winning each prize toward the beginning are roughly: Bitcoin Prize: 1:100,011 (20 accessible); Ethereum Prize: 1:10,001 (200 accessible) and Dogecoin Prize: 1:1 (2 million accessible)." However, the "Chances will change as prizes are circulated," and "Unclaimed Prizes won't be granted," the cheap food organization added.

Clients will get an email from Burger King soon after making a passing buy that incorporates a prize code. There is a restriction of one prize code for every individual each day.

The Burger King crypto advancement has two stages. The first is the "Prize Code Receipt" stage; the second is the "Prize Claim" stage. The two stages started on Nov. 1 at 10:00 a.m. EST. The principal stage will end on Nov. 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST and the second stage on Dec. 17 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Members have until the finish of the subsequent stage to guarantee their prize codes through Robinhood. "You should open a Robinhood Crypto account and download the Robinhood application to guarantee your digital money prize," Burger King noted.

The cheap food chain explained:

When all Prize Codes have been disseminated, the Prize Code Receipt Phase will end, regardless of whether this is before November 21, 2021. Every participant might get up to 21 Prize Codes.

The authority Burger King crypto advancement rules can be seen as here.

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