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Jul 10,2023

Litecoin and Solana both drop over 3% as Bitcoin drops below $30,100

On Monday, the bitcoin market was trading negatively. Ethereum stood barely above the $1850 mark while Bitcoin (BTC) lost 0.65% to $30,069 in price.

In the meantime, BTC volumes over the previous 24 hours were almost $8.8 billion, increasing 17.78%.

As the market continues to process the most recent nonfarm payroll statistics, Bitcoin began the new week trading just over the US$30,000 level.

Since a few days ago, BTC has been fluctuating between US$30,000 and US$31,400. This indicates that both bulls and bears are engaged in the market and that bulls are adamantly maintaining the level.

Around $1.17 trillion worth of cryptocurrencies were trading at a lower price, down 0.74% in the previous day.

DeFi has a total volume of 1.79 billion at the moment, which is 7.94% of the 24-hour volume of the entire crypto market. Stablecoin volume as a whole is currently $20.53 billion, or 90.86% of the 24-hour volume of the whole crypto market.

The largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, Bitcoin, was valued at over $584 billion. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin presently has a 49.98% market share, up 0.11% from the previous day.

The 20-day exponential moving average ($29,854) and the resistance level at $31,000 have served as the trading range for bitcoin. This consolidation suggests that both optimistic and bearish market participants are unsure of the direction of the next substantial move. Buyers are probably going to try again to break through the barrier at $31,500.

Cryptocurrency Price Today

Bitcoin Price Today | $30,069 

Ethereum Price Today | $1,856 

Tether Price Today | $0.999 

BNB Price Today | $233.2 

XRP Price Today | $0.4688 

Cardano Price Today | $0.2823

Dogecoin Price Today | $0.06452 

Solana Price Today | $20.9 

Polygon Price Today | $0.6778 

Litecoin Price Today | $93.39 

Polkadot Price Today | $5.04 

Tron Price Today | $0.07725 

Shiba Inu Price Today | $0.000007565

(Note: Price change in last 24 hours)

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