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Jan 04,2023 1 Comments

This New Year VIP AFFILIATE WALLET - White Bitcoin (WBTC) Updates

For WBTC and WBTC investors and holders, 2023 is going to be a fantastic year since we will be bringing exciting news and prospects for our esteemed investors throughout the new year.


1. We are introducing the VIP Affiliate Wallet in January 2023, which has fresh and fantastic features.

2. The VIP Affiliate Wallet, which holds and stacks the Five most widely used currencies (BTC,BTG,BCH,BSV and WBTC) and uses a decentralized form of dividend distribution, is the first decentralized affiliate programme in the history of the globe.

3. In the event that you retain and stack currencies, VIP Affiliate Wallet will give you dividends right away.

4. In January 2023, we are going to launch VIP AFFILIATE WALLET - WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) Website.

5. This New Year (2023), WhiteBitcoin Organization Launch Advance Blockchain the main thought behind introducing WhiteBitcoins to the crypto circulation was to reduce excessive pressure for Bitcoin transactions on the Blockchain Network. This allows the WhiteBitcoin(WBTC) to be transferred on decentralized exchanges and allows WBTC cryptocurrency to launch its alternative blockchain in the future, which would help reduce bitcoin transaction fees and time. In this alternative blockchain, you can transfer bitcoin from one blockchain to another blockchain without a bitcoin fee deduction, a small fee will deduct from the WBTC. Thus, this unique amalgamation of the two best things has opened many opportunities for the people.

6. The hard fork that the WBTC organization is performing this New Year will allow the WBTC organization to grow to greater heights.

7. In 2023, we will list WhiteBitcoin (WBTC) on three more new international exchanges.


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