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Dec 21,2022 0 Comments

The presence of Bitcoin in the market is reaching all the time

The share of retail investors selling Bitcoin has reached a 17% high, according to blockchain research firm Glassnode and IntoTheBlock.

Fast facts

GlassNode defines retail investors as any wallet that manages less than 10 BTC, which is currently worth $168,300.

Data from IntoTheBlock also shows that the percentage of Bitcoin supply that has not been triggered in at least a year was also at its peak on Monday, accounting for almost 70% of the total.

"Not perfect yet, but strong for a 12-year-old property and moving in the right direction," Will Clemente, a blockchain researcher at Reflexivity Research, said in a tweet where he shared a chart of Glassnode data. "Bitcoin technology expands over time, while the main holdings of fiat focus on whales over time."

It is reported that only 2% of wallets controlled the supply of Bitcoin in the past two years, prompting criticism of the cryptocurrency concentrated power.

However, some industry analysts have said that the reported figures do not take into account lost Bitcoins, stolen Bitcoins or guardians.

The increase in the level of investors trading in Bitcoin is closely related to the increase in the price of the asset, rather than news such as the lack of confidence of public institutions, banks, or as a safe haven of another benefit, according to the November Bank report. . international standards.

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