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Sep 27,2022

Driving Bitcoin Adoption At Silverstone – Bitcoin Magazine

This is the opinion of Charles MacKenzie, Director of Business Development at BitcoinRacing. Britain's most prestigious race track, which became the permanent home of the Grand Prix in 1 and has remained on the F1 calendar ever since, will soon be swarming with a small army of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

More than 125 Bitcoin fanatics will gather at Silverstone Circuit on October 16 to enjoy a sight never seen before at the 72-year-old track, as three Bitcoin-equipped cars race around the historic circuit in the final races of the season.

In addition to this high-octane bitcoin excitement, guests will enjoy the opportunity to sample Salvadoran Pupusas, race a Bitcoin-adorned car in an advanced racing simulator, and listen to well-known British conference keynote speakers.

The Bitcoin Racing team has made it mandatory for all guests to wear Bitcoin products so that Bitcoin has a huge presence on the track on the big day. The team gave the strategy the hashtag and they hope that this massive support for the team and the digital currency will encourage Silverstone officials and fans to learn more about Bitcoin. If you want to participate in this event, you can register here for free and you can also get official products from these websites.

Bitcoin Racing is a small family racing team that has taken to UK circuits such as Brands Hatch Circuit and Oulton Park to promote Bitcoin with their own funds. Not only do they expose thousands of spectators to the bitcoin logo on race days, they also ensure that thousands of drivers see the logo on their massive semi-trucks as they drive down UK roads. You can watch Bitcoin Racing's latest race here, where one of their drivers, Liam Browning, took the team's second podium after taking full advantage of the safety car lap!

The team currently competes in the City Car Cup, which is an entry-level championship, but they have great young drivers with a dream to go all the way, and the host team is now working hard to connect with bitcoin companies, grassroots and fans. Make it happen Drive for Bitcoin at Silverstone International GP Charlie from Bitcoin Racing said: “So far in our campaign we've driven about 3,500 miles across the country in our Bitcoin racing car...

I think those are the first impressions people have that see we drive by .are very important because they started to get people thinking about Bitcoin.We estimate that over 70,000 people see our cars on UK roads based on some backlash alone!

Introducing Bitcoin at the Silverstone International Grand Prix.

Even more exciting Bitcoin Racing has government permission to display an El Salvadoran national flag on the roof of the cars, meaning that all spectators who come to Silverstone to watch their final races will enjoy the El Salvadoran flag flying alongside them as the team promotes the country and its legal tender. In fact, the team was invited to El Salvador in September for the United States for an official visit where they discuss with the people like Bitcoin Racing, Salvadoran driver Sebastian Melrose and the country can work together to use motorsport to promote the country and its currency.

Melrose has set his sights on the Porsche Carrera Cup and believes that this prestigious championship is a great way to promote his country. Introducing Bitcoin at the Silverstone International Grand Prix.

On the day of the event, Silverstone will have very high profile guests that all participants will have the opportunity to meet. Although no announcement will be made at this time, you can be sure that some well-known people in the Bitcoin space will be in attendance.

For example, their first competition at Oulton Park was attended by the UK Ambassador to El Salvador, Her Excellency, Ms Vanessa Interiano.

In addition to these high-profile A-listers, Bitcoin Racing has employed a full racing simulator where guests are given the opportunity to race a bitcoin-equipped car to beat official driver lap times. LuxSim2 director Robert Pearson, who was the team's orange pill, will for the first time accept satoshi as payment from people who want to see if they have what it takes to beat the team's top drivers.

Robert said: “I'm excited to open my business to emerging currencies and move with the times. The fact that I can instantly convert some bitcoins into cash with much lower fees than traditional banking apps is also very exciting.

Introducing Bitcoin at the Silverstone International Grand Prix Attendees can also expect Bitcoin-themed games, puppet shows, talks from Bitcoin OGs like Daniel Prince and Jason Deane, and the chance to win £10 (~$10) worth of free bitcoins.

Team when they bring a friend who has never invested in bitcoin before. In the future, Bitcoin Racing would like to combine the Bitcoin car fleet with the UK's most prestigious and advanced motorsport package known as the TOCA package.

British Touring Cars, Porsche Carrera Cup, JCW MINI Challenge and Ginnetas battle for the podium in this pack.

Importantly, these championships have more than 70 hours of live television coverage with millions of television viewers, hundreds of thousands of viewers during the season and millions of fans worldwide on social media.

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