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Aug 13,2022

What Is Topgainer Complete Guide and Review About Topgainer

Topgainer is a utility token with a mission to give amazing assets to remain in front of the opposition. TOP ONE quickest notice for impending postings on Coingecko, and trades like Binance, Huobi, MEXC, and so on.

Topgainer Storage Key Points

Financial backer Focused


is a genuine hyper deflationary, frictionless yield BSC token, with auto-creating liquidity, buyback, and 11% BUSD Rewars appropriation to holders. BUSD is fixed 1:1 with the USD

• Hold TOPGAINER and TOP1 recurring, automated revenue (most lucrative BUSD rewards proportion on BSC)

• TOPGAINER is making an inventive "zero tokenomics impression" that will liberate the diagram from contract sells

• A forceful advancement plan, zeroed in on extra income streams supporting tokenomics, taking care of 11% BUSD awards back to holders.

• Completely doxed group that puts financial backers first through straightforwardness, conveyance and trust.

A World Class Ecosystem


has zeroed in on building the feasible future of a long haul project that conveys genuine returns on venture, apparent lingering pay, and numerous venture techniques.

• Fiat Swap

• 4 BUSD Staking Apps (up to 59.2% APY)

• NFT Minting App

• Wallet Tracker

• Extra BUSD Investment Apps

• NFT Marketplace (Subscriber/Creator Services)

• IDO/Launchpad

• Cross-Chain

• and that's only the tip of the iceberg…

TOPGAINER Contract Success Features

Most elevated BUSD Rewards

Topgainer Automatically TOP1 11% Binance fixed BUSD remunerates only for holding TOP ONE. 11% of each and every purchase/sell is granted to TOP1 holders consequently in their wallets.

1% Auto Liquidity

1% of each and every purchase/sell is consequently saved into the locked liquidity wallet as $BNB, giving ceaseless liquidity to support cost adjustment. The liquidity pool is locked and ensured.

1% Buyback/Burn

1% of each and every purchase/sell is naturally reserved into the buyback wallet, with the end goal of both auto-buybacks as well as our valued 'Solarflare' capability. All buybacks are shipped off the 'dead' wallet.

Against Whale

Held inside TOPGAINER one of a kind agreement is a large group of highlights intended to neutralize and offset negative sell pressure. These incorporate enemy of whale, hostile to bot, and max-exchange.


Purchase, sell, closeout, make, exchange, mint, or offer.


permits you to put yourself out there by

making and stamping your own NFTs, then sharing on

your #1 social.



Topgainer NFT specialists a platform with which to make a



permits fans to follow their #1 craftsmen and access elite arrangements. Obviously that is just the start. The whole TOPGAINER NFT biological system offers help back to TOPGAINER Coin (TOP1). All exchanges in monetary forms other than TOP1 will be completely burdened, taking care of back to holders as 11% BUSD REWARDS, liquidity, and buyback and consume.

TOPGAINER Swap and dApp

TOPGAINER Coin (TOP1), furnishes its financial backers with a developing host of easy to understand instruments and simple to-utilize interfaces intended to improve their crypto-exchanging experience, while making it more obvious.

Accessible quickly will be the TOPGAINER Swap as well as Flooz. Exchange crypto-trade devices, permit quick utilization of Credit Card, ApplePlay and GooglePay for your exchanging. Moreover a BUSD TOPGAINER Rewards Calculator, TOPGAINER Wallet Tracker and HighChart balance the devices you'll find of staggering use and worth.

TOPGAINER Wallet Tracker

Simply envision having the option to rapidly and effectively view the crypto and NFTs inside your wallet(s). Whether you need to see which ventures are hot, and which are cold, or you need to see your portfolio execution today, the previous week, past month or past year, TOPGAINER Wallet Tracker intends to give financial backers a media rich encounter. TOP ONE holders will have FREE admittance to the EverWallet and Tracker dApp, accessible helpfully inside the TOP ONE environment.

Beginning Token Distribution

An underlying 15% of tokens consumed at send off. Too, a normal of 5 million tokens consumed every day, every week.

20% Locked for Staking

15% Locked for Other Exchanges

15% Initial Supply Burned

5% Marketing/Contests/Competitions

The most effective method to Buy TOPGAINER In 4 Simple Steps

1. Download and arrangement MetaMask or TrustWallet

Download and arrangement MetaMask or TrustWallet. Download MetaMask (a crypto wallet as a program expansion) or TrustWallet (an application for your telephone). After that you should add the Binance Smart Chain to your organization list. (Click here for a bit by bit instructional exercise).

2. Purchase and send BNB to MetaMask

Purchase BNB on a trade (for example Binance, Kraken, Coinbase and so on.). Move the tokens to your MetaMask wallet address. BEP-20 tends to begin with a "0x".

3. Make a beeline for PancakeSwap and trade for TOPGAINER

Click here to head on over to PancakeSwap or utilize this address 0xA50c5EE5638ccDCB3eAea3ceB726659A2a109239 to choose TOPGAINER. Set the slippage resistance to 15% (at times it could be 18%, contingent upon how much interest there is.)

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