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Jul 30,2022

Immunify Life is set to change worldwide medical services with genuine world blockchain use cases

Contaminations and infections kill a great many individuals overall consistently, yet insufficient medical services cycles and strategies likewise adversely affect patient results. From backslid patients and defers in care to off base patient information and skewed impetuses among different medical services players, the norm is needing an upgrade. With the security, unwavering quality, protection and cost-viability of blockchain innovation, Immunify.Life is a groundbreaking application that tends to these difficulties head-on. Peruse underneath to get more familiar with how the Immunify.Life project is ready to turn into the high-influence wellbeing application that the present world necessities.

Figuring out Global Health

As indicated by true reports, HIV has been the world's greatest enemy of irresistible illnesses for the beyond 10 years. About portion of all contributor financing in the wellbeing area goes to HIV. Notwithstanding, other medical conditions can be comparably lethal. For instance, narcotic enslavement costs the United States $1 trillion every year, and over 91% of individuals in recuperation are supposed to backslide. Likewise, in the United States alone, around 250,000 individuals are killed because of clinical mistakes, including blunders connected with information and techniques. The COVID pandemic has killed in excess of 6,000,000 individuals around the world, yet immunization inclusion stays low in numerous areas. Counterfeit antibodies and testaments are additionally far and wide, and new strains that come from the unvaccinated can be significantly more dangerous.

While the worldwide immunization inclusion against COVID is around 65%, it is just 10% in a few African nations, and sub-Saharan Africa is now immersed with too much other medical conditions. For instance, Kenya has the third most elevated HIV patient weight on the planet, and 30% of HIV-positive grown-up patients and 40% of HIV-positive pediatric patients in the nation are not ending their life-saving prescriptions.

These realities portray the difficulties confronting the worldwide medical services space. Information sharing and cooperation are divided; patients frequently come up short on inspiration for treatment in any case accessible to them; extortion and defilement can genuinely hamper medical services endeavors in different locales; and an absence of training — for patients, parental figures, and policymakers — can likewise prompt sub-par wellbeing results.

The resistant environment

The Immunify.Life medical care environment was planned starting from the earliest stage to address these difficulties.

Blockchain innovation has arisen as a progressive new innovation that can get information, guarantee information protection, and gather and give precise information to the people who need it in close to ongoing. Furthermore, by consolidating blockchain-based symbolic prizes into medical services work processes, we can plan frameworks and work on open doors that can definitely further develop medical services processes while decreasing expenses, guaranteeing commitment, and guaranteeing that all pertinent information is precise and solid - a basic part of understanding. illness, disease and exceptional patient history so that care can be conveyed as ideally as could really be expected.

The Immunify.Life environment comprises of three key components. The first is a clinical application for catching continuous patient information. The second is a patient application for KYC and procuring token prizes for finishing or sticking to treatment regimens. The third is the IMM token prize framework, which utilizations brilliant tokenomics and impetuses to work on persistent way of behaving while at the same time empowering information examining that can drive independent direction.

The application is completely evolved and prepared to convey and was made in organization with Hexaware, a billion dollar innovation organization.

Certifiable applications and use cases

Vaccinate in August. Life will send off a logical report to show the way that IMM tokens can be utilized to return treatment for patients who have fizzled. The review is being directed as a team with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), a main science, innovation and development college in Kenya. During the review, the Immunify.Life application will be utilized to work with information assortment and information combination to assess the effect of token awards on adherence rates in patients who have recently passed. A definitive objective is to engage patients, networks and whole nations as HIV-positive patients will be spurred to stick to recommended treatment through the Immify digital money rewards they get by means of their cell phones. These tokens can be traded for nearby money through the Immunify.Life patient application.

This study will look at exhaustively the connection between's IMM token motivating forces and the utilization of paperless frameworks on HIV treatment results in Kakamega County, Kenya, where MMUST works its biggest grounds.

Immunify.Life is likewise cooperating with SOH, a New Mexico-based association, to preliminary recovery programs that decisively diminish recidivism rates for narcotic patients. The Immunify.Life group likewise tried the stage's innovation in Cameroon in 2021 and got administrative endorsement for an immunization testament preliminary at three facilities in Zambia. Immunify.Life is additionally in chats with Konkola Copper Mines Plc (KCM), one of the world's biggest copper mining organizations, to carry out its foundation for its workers.


The open door here isn't just to change the worldwide medical care space, lessen shortcomings and save lives. For VCs, accomplices and even retail financial backers, Immunify.Life is a diamond in the continuous bear market as it is a genuine undertaking with genuine footing in Kenya, Zambia and the United States. Numerous crypto projects are based on publicity and hypothesis, yet Immunify.Life is based on genuine worth. The objective market for this open door is additionally colossal, as the expense of overall worldwide medical problems (counting however not restricted to HIV, narcotic enslavement and COVID therapy) is in the trillions of dollars. The IMM utility token likewise has solid potential as a drawn out venture opportunity that partners and accomplices shouldn't neglect.

For NGOs, Immunify.Life is likewise a momentous open door, as the stage is a commendable accomplice in wellbeing and gives a better approach to resolve the world's most difficult issues that ruin viable medical care conveyance in emerging nations. It can give nitty gritty continuous information and utilizations a creative token-based motivation framework to drive positive social change, and can turn into an outline for executing efforts and strategies in nations and areas that need this change most.

In the engine

Stage accomplices - Cardano and World Mobile - structure the layer 0 of this genuine fi development, while Immunify.Life will be the center use of layer 1. Reality

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